Limited lifetime warranty

Thank you for purchasing
a piece of furniture by William Millénaire Inc.

William Millénaire uses only premium materials in the manufacture of his furniture and uses artisanal manufacturing processes so that each of the pieces of furniture produced is unique and meets the highest standard of quality.

William Millénaire offers a limited lifetime warranty on manufactured products, subject to the following conditions.


William Millénaire guarantees the wood frame, which is found in its original upholstery, for the life of the furniture.


William Millénaire guarantees the mechanism on these models B-12 and I-22 for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Leather covering

William Millénaire guarantees that the hides used in the manufacture of furniture come from the best tanneries in Europe and South America.

William Millénaire guarantees leather coverings for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

William Millénaire draws attention to the fact that leather is a natural product which can have variations in texture and color.

It is normal that we find on the used skin marks of scars, wrinkles, insects, scratches such as those caused by wire fences, etc. These marks are natural constituents of leather and give it the finesse and individuality that only genuine leather can offer. All these characteristics are not imperfections within the meaning of this warranty.

As accumulated dust and dirt can act as an abrasive and damage the leather, it is recommended that you clean the furniture weekly with a damp natural sponge or vacuum with a soft bristle brush.

William Millénaire does not recommend any product such as leather protectors, waxes, etc.

The application to the leather coating of similar products not recommended by the tanner for all purposes voids this warranty.


William Millénaire guarantees the fabrics used in the upholstery of its furniture for a period of one year from the date of purchase against any tears or defects resulting from the fabrics used.

Fabrics should be cleaned only with products recommended by the fabric manufacturer and used as recommended.

William Millénaire does not recommend any product such as fabric protector, etc.

The application to the fabric covering of similar products not recommended by the fabric manufacturer will void this warranty for all purposes.


William Millénaire warrants the cushions, which are in their original fillings, for a period of one year from the date of purchase against sagging caused by loss of elasticity caused by defects in workmanship or materials.

William Millénaire advises the customer that the softening of the cushions is the result of normal use of the furniture and should not be confused with the loss of elasticity.


This warranty:

  • Only offered to the original purchaser of the furniture and at his original address.
  • Does not cover industrial, commercial or furniture rental uses.
  • Does not cover damage arising from transport unless the goods are delivered directly from William Millénaire.
  • Does not cover damage resulting from the use of a cleaning process not recommended or not applied by a professional in the field, from the use of any products not recommended by the manufacturer, from negligence, from an abusive use, force majeure, prolonged exposure to sunlight, exposure to a heat source, bright lights, and other similar situations, application of greasy or oily substances.
  • Does not apply to furniture sold “as seen”.
  • William Millénaire will in no way be liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from a situation eligible for the application of this guarantee, such as monetary costs, troubles and inconveniences, etc. William Millénaire cannot be held responsible at any time for an amount exceeding the manufacturer’s original value, excluding taxes.
  • Does not apply if the furniture has been, by means of an additional guarantee, altered, modified without the consent of William Millénaire.
  • Does not apply to orders for which the customer has provided his own fabric and / or leather.

Warranty service

William Millénaire, where appropriate, will use materials comparable to those used in the manufacture of the furniture.

In cases where the original materials are no longer available, William Millénaire reserves the right to use materials of the same quality as those used in the manufacture of the furniture, but it will not be responsible at any time for the unavailability of materials. originals and any changes that may result from them.


  • The customer, at the latest within thirty (30) days of the finding of the defect that may allow the application of this warranty or 14 days of delivery when the defect is apparent, must direct his warranty request to the retailer where the piece of furniture was acquired, which will notify William Millénaire of the client’s request.
  • The customer upon request must provide the original purchase invoice.
    A representative of William Millénaire will contact the client and determine with the client the most appropriate subsequent steps.
  • If the furniture must be returned to William Millénaire for repair, all transport costs will be borne by the customer and must be assumed by the latter.
  • No person, company or organization other than William Millénaire is authorized to grant or refuse the application of the terms of this warranty, except in the cases of written mandate of William Millénaire.

Other Warranties

No other express or implied warranty is given to products manufactured by William Millénaire.

Any modifications to the terms of this agreement must be accepted in writing by William Millénaire.

William Millénaire advises its clients to inform themselves of the laws applicable in their province or state which could affect this warranty.

Tous droits réservés William Millénaire