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Furniture made in Quebec is appreciated for its quality and durability. Sofas, couch and armchairs that are manufactured in Quebec have nothing to envy, for example, to furniture made in Italy. In addition, several manufacturers offer a selection of finishes, types of wood, fabrics, colors, bases and materials, allowing anyone to have a piece of furniture that perfectly matches their decor and that they will love for a long time.

Source : Radio-Canada

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The expression of the interior

WILLIAM works in both the residential and commercial sectors. The spirit of the company reflects a desire to offer furniture of impeccable style and quality, taking the environment into account in its manufacturing processes. WILLIAM stays at the cutting edge of trends and technology and offers unparalleled customer service. Its furniture for the residential sector is available at the best retailers. For the commercial sector, WILLIAM works in close collaboration with designers and architects, carrying out many tailor-made and turnkey projects.

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